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Visa Issues:

All visitors from non EU countries must have passports or equivalent travel documents valid for at least 6 months. Please check with your local Greek Consulate or Embassy for details regarding visa and entry requirements. Through the ECPD 2023 secretariat there is a possibility to issue a VISA letter provided you have completed your registration. Any visa invitation letter issued is meant only to help visitors raise funds or to obtain a visa,and is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support. Organisers may NOT contact Embassies in support of an individual attempting to gain entry to attend the meeting.

Visas for Foreigners travelling to Greece


How to get there:

There is more than 1 way to reach Rethymno:

By Plane:

Participants can reach Rethymno by air travel from Athens via Chania (Daskalogiannis Airport – CHQ) or Heraklion (N. Kazantzakis Airport – HER). Flights between Athens and either of these cities take less than one hour. Information regarding flights and time schedules can be located at the official sites of Aegean Airlines  and Olympic Airlines.
Also there are flights of low cost airlines, which connect Heraklion and Chania directly to European cities. For more information you can check the following airlines: EasyJet (Heraklion or Chania), Transavia (Heraklion or Chania)  and Ryanair (Chania)

By Ferry:

Ferryboat connection between Athens (Piraeus) and Crete is available to Heraklion (MINOAN Lines – ANEK LinesBlue Star Ferries) or Chania, Souda Bay (ANEK Lines).  On arrival at the port of Heraklion or Souda (Chania) travelers can choose between the bus and taxi options below.



A) Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient way for travelling. The rates are more or less fixed for all taxi companies:
  • Heraklion airport to venue hotel: ~110€ (~60-70 minutes travel)
  • Chania airport to venue hotel: ~110€ (~60-70 minutes travel)
  • Heraklion airport to Heraklion city: 20€ (~10 minutes travel)
  • Chania airport to Chania city: 29€ (~20 minutes travel)
  • Rethymno city to venue hotel: 10-12€
We can arrange for taxi sharing with other participants arriving on the same flight or same boat, where possible. This can be arranged for arrivals from Chania airport through the conference secretariat:   and from the Heraklion airport through the conference secretariat

B) Bus

Crete offers an excellent bus service to take you to any part of Crete at very good prices. On arrival at Heraklion or Chania Airport participants can take a town bus or taxi to the Heraklion or Chania bus station (KTEL). From either bus station, busses leave for Rethymnon bus terminal every hour from 06:00 to 20:30. Heraklion Bus Station: and Chania Bus Station: Chania Airport there are also buses that goes direct to Rethymno city.
Costs and timetable
  • Heraklion city to Rethymno city: 7,60€ per person per trip. Buses depart every hour until 20:30. (link)
  • City bus from Heraklion airport to Heraklion city: 1,10€ per person per trip. Route Buses depart from 06:00 until 23:00.
  • Rethymno city to Chania airport: 7,30€ per person per trip. Buses depart every day at 04:15 07:15 12:15 17:15. (link)
  • Chania airport to Rethymno city: 7,30€ per person per trip. Buses depart every day at 09:30 14:30 19:20 00:00. (link)
  • City bus from Chania airport to Chania city: 2,30€ per person per trip. Buses depart from 06:00 until 22:40 every 1 or 2 hours (link)
  • Chania city to Rethymno city: 7€ per person per trip. Buses depart every hour until 20:30. (link)
  • City bus from Rethymno city to venue hotel: 1,60€.

On Sunday 23 April, there are no way for bus transfers from Heraklion to Rethymno, after 20:30.
Please send your arrival and departure flight times to to see how we can arrange a bus transfer.


C) Car Rental
Car rental is a convenient way to travel and there are multiple car hire companies offering special deals.